Five Things I Appreciate Now I Have Graduated (Part 1 of 2)

Five Things I appreciate now I have graduated (Part 1 of 2)

Online Shopping

If anyone has tried to navigate their way through the bulging masses of people forcing their way through a hot, sticky shopping mall on a Sunday afternoon they will understand this post completely. If there is one truism you take away from this article it is this: hell is Sunday shoppers. Pushing, shoving and heaving your way through the crowds offers little reward as most items of clothing seem to have either been crumpled and discarded or dirtied by makeup. And if you do manage to find something you have to queue for hours waiting for the changing room, meaning even more people are privy to my embarrassment as I try and yank on clothing which I optimistically got in a size too small. And for those who champion Thursday late night shopping, if you think after a hard weeks working I want to spend my Thursday night doing anything other than watch The Great British Bake-off you are sadly mistaken.

So I have found a new love: online shopping, which has the added bonus of making me feel as if I am receiving a present whenever it is delivered. It also means I don’t have to deal with actual, real-life people.

Early Nights

As a student I was responsible to no one. I was my own woman and if I chose to be a grumpy cow because I had gone to sleep at 2 am after a late night TV marathon that was very much my decision. However, as a woman working 9-5 and generally fulfilling Dolly Parton’s cliché (minus the big hair and shoulder pads) I have to be friendly, approachable and generally put together. In fact, one morning on arriving without you know, radiating glitter and rainbows, a certain colleague questioned if I had been home. I am not sure if he thought I had simply fallen asleep on a nearby street corner and had simply casually walked to work as the sun rose, or if he imagined my life to be far more exciting than the reality. (If anyone is remotely interested I had been up till 1am cooking. It was also a Friday and, quite honestly, by that point in the week tying my shoelaces is an accomplishment.)

Of course, the worst part of a late night is what I fondly have called the 3pm crash, you think you have made it, you have beaten the odds and you are running happily on caffeine and adrenalin. If anything the late night has made you more productive, in your head you are superman or superwoman (not to be sexist), beating out pie charts, and being the most efficient employee the world has quite frankly ever seen. And then the clock strikes three and it is like somebody has taken a big pin and deflated you; your energy depletes and you can barely hold your head up. I have found there is one easy and effective solution to this problem- early nights. Going to bed early as a student is seen as a bit lame, but in my office early nights earns serious bragging points. All this being said I should, at this point, mention I am in fact writing this blog at midnight. Clearly actualisation of said theorem has yet to be carried through.

Not Going Clubbing

So I hate clubbing. Quite frankly it is an experience akin to Sunday shopping, which I believe I have already established is a frightful activity, except with loud music and flashing lights. Furthermore, I must point out that any activity that carries the prerequisite of being so drunk you are unable to remember your own name is a rather ridiculous premise for an evening activity. However, whilst students for some ridiculous reason seem to feel the need to endure this hideous affair, thankfully people with jobs limit their clubbing escapades to the bare minimum. This means I get to do more hosting of dinner parties and less of finding excuses not to go clubbing. In truth, I always appreciated dinner parties, but I am now joined in this love by other graduates which makes me, somewhat worryingly, deliriously happy.


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