Five signs a guy is into you…maybe?

When I was a kid I pretty much thought relationships were simple. You met a guy, he was into you, you liked him back and then you got married and had little blonde hair and blue eyed babies. Unfortunately, the whole dating game isn’t quite as simple as I had hoped – and whilst I can think of a few couples where that dream scenario really did take place…there are a number of others that bucked, defied and opposed this trend. The couple where the guy was never into him or the girl liked someone else, or they were never single at the same time, or they broke up for years. Whilst He’s just not that into you is a nice premise….sadly in my experience life isn’t quite as simple as that. Relationships are complicated, sticky and can’t be stuck in a mould quite as binary as Holywood would like. That being said, I do now believe they are three (handy that innit…) key pointers that suggest a guy is actually into you. So here goes nothing lasses….


  • He’s there

I mean this is the most obvious, but if he doesn’t text, call or Facebook message you back he’s just not that into you. At all. A guy who likes you will not only respond to your messages, but will message you of his own accord just because he’s thinking of you (n’aww). To test this theory out I wouldn’t message for a while and see what happens; and whilst this may prove painful if home boy doesn’t pick up the phone, it’s probably as us Mancunians are wont to say “nisht.”

  • Drama/emotion

OK so this is a recent revelation I had and so hear me out. Now whilst I am not suggesting that you cry or cause some form of dramatic altercation to coax your man out of his emotionally stunted shell, it is a pretty good test of his feelings for you. Take me for example….today an Instagram star I follow got engaged and I swear to god I cried, genuine tears. Never met her, don’t even know what she looks like because she hides her face, and whilst I know she was considered “old” in the community I don’t actually know her age. And still I cried. Let me tell you right here and right now that no straight man in the history of humanity has ever cried because his favourite football player got engaged. It’s just not a thing. Men, in general, shy from emotion (and in the same sense) drama – they have better things to do like say…scratching their balls, or other such things. And so if you introduce drama or emotion and they stick around, you’re probably good to go. Examples of this would be tears, angry text message. I swear to god I once told a guy I liked him and he simply didn’t reply, such was his desire to put as much distance between himself and any irrelevant emotion or drama. It hurt, but the point was made loud and clear. Just something to consider.

  • Hungry Eyes

This was a term I coined some time ago and basically refers to that look a man gives you when he wants to say….do more than discuss moral philosophy on a Sunday afternoon if you catch my drift. Now obviously men are relatively physical creatures and so may well often have hungry eyes. So as in all things context is king and this doesn’t apply in every setting. For example in a night club at 2 am on a Saturday night, not to be crude, he probably just wants to bang. However, if it’s a normal hour and you’re doing a perfectly mundane activity, such as cooking dinner or watching TV, and he has a hungry eyes; I wouldn’t say it’s a bad sign.

So there are my three component parts that taken together (the crucial part of this little hypotheses) that might, maybe prove you have a shot. But, frankly like I have said men are a complete mystery to me…so let me know your thoughts. God knows this shit is but the contents of my confused brain.


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